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Hi, welcome to my blog. I plan to muse and mumble about a variety of topics and you are welcome to hop onboard the Mystery Mum train. I can't promise a rollercoaster ride but hope it's entertaining enough for you to pop back and visit from time to time.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Tagged for my wedding dress

The headless bride ;-)

Well as I am Mystery Mum, I couldn't make it too easy to guess my identity now could I? ;-)

I have been tagged to tell my wedding tale so all my pics have been cropped accordingly.

I do have a head and in fact below is a picture of my hair on my wedding day which I loved. I had the flowers made out of the same fabric as my wedding dress.. yes I've given it away now.. I wore red!

Did I do the can-can?
My wedding day was one of the happiest days I have ever experienced, I had such fun and so did everyone who came along. At the time when DH and I got engaged I was obsessed with Moulin Rouge - so when the opportunity arose of a wedding to plan - the theme was... you guessed it - Moulin Rouge.
It was such fun, I had sparkle and glitter and it was all over the top which I loved... DH wore a red waistcoat and a red chilli buttonhole (he loves spicy food).

Noone else was allowed to wear red, so there were a lot of white outfits on the hot summer's day that was our wedding day..

Getting it made
I spent ages looking at lots of different dresses but at the time (it was about 7 years ago) there weren't as many red options available - now there are quite a few. So I had to get my dress made. I found this amazing and madly eccentric dressmaker who specialised in copying celebrity dresses and had the most amazing eye for detail. Mine wasn't a celebrity dress but it ended up being a mish mash of several styles and he coped amazing well and with very few hissy fits.

Getting back into the dress
I'd always heard brides say how easy it was to lose weight before they got married - "It just fell off" was a common phrase - well I wasn't expecting that to happen but amazingly I kept losing weight which was great in some ways but now means I can only get half a thigh into my skirt and will probably never be able to do the zip up on the back of the corset - unless I start starving myself now ;-)

So this is a very brief story of my wedding dress - it sits in a protective bag and one day I will get back into it - but may have to wait post hopeful baby number two methinks ;-)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Welcome aboard the Mystery train

I haven't got time to become a prolific blogger, but I have been quite inspired by some lovely lady bloggers I have 'met' recently and, as a firm believer that things are best when discussed amongst friends, I have decided to see if anyone fancies hopping aboard the Mystery Mum train. It'd be nice to have people to chat to along the way.

In my experience, IVF is one of those subjects that is either pushed under the carpet, or, if it is discussed, only with close friends.

I have always been a talker about everything really, and have always been very open about the fact that our beloved daughter is the result of IVF. Sometimes I think people think I'm a bit odd because I am so open about it but I think the more people see it as just one of those things the better it'll be for us all. I wish I'd known more about it before I had to do it but it's hard to find out what it's really like unless you know someone who's been there.

I was quite horrified at first to need IVF. I'd spent most of my early rampant years worrying that I would get pregnant and panicking if my period was late which it seemed to be almost every month..

It's quite ironic really, and I do laugh looking back at how much effort I took to not get pregnant and then when I did want to.. well now I sit hoping my period will be late and it never is (I just have a slightly longer cycle than the norm hence the angst each month when I hadn't studied my cycle as closely).

So many friends say - just relax and it'll happen - in fact I was guilty of saying it myself before. And um no it won't actually. As I waited to start IVF for DD at least 4 friends who were also due to go for IVF found they were expecting naturally and in some ways that made it all the worse for me, it gave me lots of hope. I hoped right up until the last millisecond that I would have a great surprise - but no... Aunti Flo arrived and away we went on a ride of injections and hormonal hell (actually I was very lucky and it wasn't that bad - not hormonal heaven but not a hell - well maybe I should ask my OH he may disagree there), you will soon learn I am somewhat prone to exaggeration ;-)

We tried again last year, but it was all bad timing for many reasons and everything happens for a reason and to this day I don't think it was mean to be...so many other amazing things were happening at that time but my stress levels were sky high so I think my body put it's foot down and said enough.. no baby for you this time!

So here I am again, over three years later, three years older (which means increasing drug dosages accordingly) and about to start all over again... today Auntie Flo has hinted to say she's on her way which means tomorrow it'll be Day 1 of my cycle and the day after will be Day 1 of our next endeavour.

Who knows what will happen at the end of this journey but I hope you can join me and that it's entertaining in at least some parts - I do like to laugh at even the blackest of things so don't be shocked if my sick sense of humour pops out occasionally ...

I promise not to talk about just this by the way, that would be horrendously boring, so I hope you hop onboard the Mystery Mum bus and enjoy your trip..

MM xx